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The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite CR7 is based on the newly launched Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite. With the concept of “Fast by Nature”, it helps Cristiano Ronaldo to present the “Speed ​​and Passion” of the Green version. In terms of configuration, one-piece Flyknit fabrics, such as socks, are fully wrapped and provide 360-degree comfort. Due to the soft and stretched fabric uppers,cheap air max womens, the upper support is achieved through NikeSkin technology. The ultra-thin layer of PU (polyurethane) covers the Flyknit fabric upper for shaping and protection. In addition, Nike’s flagship ACC (All Condition Control) technology is innovatively woven into the Flyknit fabric upper, allowing the shoes to achieve stable performance in rain and snow. In order to enhance the control of the football during high-speed running, the knitted fabric of Flyknit fabric with NikeSkin forms a grid-like friction stripe; at the forefoot, the Flyknit fabric material is woven into raised longitudinal strips, further enhancing the ball The friction. The dynamic collar has been redesigned to reduce the height of the collar. While providing ankle support, it will not bind the free movement of the ankle, and it will help to quickly change direction. Heel is equipped with a non-slip lining, with NikeGrip anti-skid insole, you can firmly lock your feet in the game, effectively prevent the occurrence of grinding heel phenomenon. And after the adjustment of the shoe last more adaptable to the East Asian foot, the assassin is no longer just the “assassin foot” exclusive. Revolutionary changes not only come from the uppers, but the return of the classic split-bottom outsole makes the Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite stand out from the crowd. Separating outsole selection technology The well-proven Pebax® and nylon combination design. The outer outsole is made of nylon, and the ergonomically designed contour is matched with herringbone FG spikes. The forefoot is used for quick start and change of direction, while the back palm is used for deceleration. The Pebax® material inside the outsole provides flexibility and rebound, which is stable and reliable. The interior of the outsole also achieves lock through the three-dimensional lines and the insole. This non-midsole design is more conducive to exertion. It should be noted that although NikeSkin provides protection for the fabric uppers, the separated soles will inevitably bring about wear of the upper in the midfoot, which will lay a hidden danger in the service life. The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite CR7 also reflects Nike’s exclusive customization of the Portuguese captain in many details. Its blue upper color is inspired by the origins of Portugal and the sea, and the golden letter “C” at the heel stands for “Captain”. The background pattern is the celestial sphere used in the maritime age. In order to pay tribute to the history of Portuguese navigation, the Nike Swoosh logo on the upper is also composed of a golden celestial pattern. The CR7 logo on the dynamic collar and the Portuguese logo on the heel symbolize Ronaldo’s lofty status as a national hero. It should be pointed out that the Elite version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI CR7 on the market has only launched the FG models. For the domestic players who often kick the grass, they may wish to wait for the subsequent AG-Pro models.