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With the development of science and technology and the research on nano-related technologies, more and more nanotechnology has changed from theory to practice. In daily life, from the news media reports on cutting-edge nanotechnology and nano-concept products, cheap air max ultra 90,to the so-called nano-products in major shopping malls, the word nano is increasingly appearing in public view. Nanomaterials have been widely used in various fields for their unique properties, and they have become an indispensable part of the clothing, food, shelter and use of modern society. Nike FFF Nano Breathable Pants are made with new nanotechnology. The fabrics are highly breathable, comfortable to wear and cut to fit ergonomic principles. The development of Nike FFF in the Chinese market was initially unsatisfactory. People did not fully understand this brand. But founder Wu Xiaoyi was determined to do this brand well and he wanted consumers to feel the benefits of nano-breathed leather pants. As a result, she carried out a strategic layout, made brand planning activities step by step, and repeatedly implemented the plan. Finally, the Nike FFF brand began to enter the market, and is welcomed by mass consumers. After passing through the nano-skin pants, consumers are convinced by their comfort and consciously become the brand’s word-of-mouth promoters. Nike FFF is relying on the guarantee of brand and quality, quickly taking over the hearts of consumers and achieving greater success. Based on this, in a short span of six months, tens of thousands of partners, nearly 1,000 partner directors, and the company’s brand continued to develop and innovate. From leisure to fashion diversification, the annual output reached 12 million pieces, and thus successfully launched Nike. The first shot of FFF (French Rooster) in the Chinese market. Nike FFF’s product quality inspection is very strict, the company will have strict control in the production and raw material procurement, so that each pants are guaranteed quality. Before the product is released, quality inspectors will perform the quality inspection. Therefore, the trousers received by consumers generally do not have quality problems and can be bought with ease. With the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of quality of life is also increasing, so people will pay more attention to the quality of the product rather than just focusing on the price of the product. Nano-expedited leather pants can meet the expectations of those who pursue quality of life. Ultra-high-performance bodies can also feel comfortable and cool in summer.