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As a senior equipment party, I already have a racing suit and a ski suit. What should I do if someone like me is not so strong in fitness needs, but wants to put a sports suit in case of emergency? Budget 2000 pieces, my daughter. In 016, the female market contributed 23% to Adidas. At the March 2017 investor conference, when referring to the situation of the female market,cheap air max 95, Eric Liedtke, head of the global brand of Adidas and a member of the board of directors, said, “We are not satisfied with the current results” and this percentage can be increased in the next 4 years. To 28%. As one of the leading sports and leisure trends, lululemon, a yoga clothing set up in 1998, started in Canada from all over the United States. Today it has a market value of over 7.8 billion U.S. dollars and even became synonymous with the “Yoga brand”. It is understood that lululemon has more than 1,600 brand ambassadors worldwide, and is divided into three kinds of yoga ambassadors, elite ambassadors and store ambassadors around the world to experience products and promote socialization. At the end of 2016, lululemon entered the Chinese market and opened three stores in Shanghai Pudong International Finance Center, Shanghai Jing An Kerry Centre and Beijing Sanlitun. In these metropolitan shopping districts, there will be yoga classes every week to attract local yoga communities and enthusiasts, and sometimes to organize activities such as cycling, running and dancing, and to maintain a cooperative relationship with the surrounding yoga studios. Brand ambassador brand ambassadors “build communities to allow the education market to accept their products. Under Armour, who once focused solely on the male market, is also expanding its female sports products and services and is growing rapidly. In 2014, Under Armour signed the world supermodel Gisele Bundchen. While promoting the concept of women’s health, it encourages more women to participate in fitness and sports. Sports underwear is an important product breakthrough. In 2014, Under Armour’s female consumer has grown to 600 million, partaking its male product business.