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Nike confirmed that another five executives will leave this week, including Steve Lesnard, vice president and general manager of global running products, and Tommy Kain, director of sports marketing. Helen Kim, vice president and general manager of North America, Simon Pestridge,nike air max 95 junior, vice president of global marketing, and Ibrahem Hasan, senior creative director. Nike spokesman confirmed the news at the same time, declined to disclose the specific reasons for each person to leave. Outsiders believe that this wave of personnel transfer is still related to Nike’s recent internal rectification. Among them, Helen King, vice president and general manager of North America, is the only female executive to date. It is reported that Nike has basically completed a preliminary internal investigation of the gender discrimination complaint. In 2017, some Nike female employees privately initiated a survey on internal management of the company to collect allegations of the lack of fairness of men and women’s pay. After the report was passed to CEO Mark Parker, Nike launched a large-scale internal investigation and immediately dismissed a group of executives. From mid-March, Trevor Edwards, president of Nike, Jayme Martin, global general manager, Greg Thompson, vice president of footwear, and vice president of diversification Antoine Andrews, Daniel Tawiah, vice president of digital marketing innovation, and Vikrant Singh, senior brand director of Nike Basketball, announced the resignation. In April of this year, with the Wall Street Journal disclosing the company’s gender discrimination, improper personnel management, and prevalence of male rights culture, Monique Matheson, Nike Human Resources Director, publicly admitted that the company’s personnel management is flawed, especially There is “no progress” in recruiting and promoting more women and ethnic minorities. According to data released by Nike, despite the fact that the proportion of men and women in the world is quite similar, only 29% of the company’s hundreds of vice presidents are women, and former employees are described as “boys club”. At the same time, there is a gap in pay between men and women. With the in-depth investigation of the internal investigation, the latest data shows that the number of Nike executives leaving was 11. Although the scale of the turmoil of the senior executives is relatively large, it is generally believed in the industry that it is difficult to directly influence the performance of Nike and this giant will not be “killed.” YouGov BrandIndex is a consumer cognitive research service provider. Its report released in early May shows that consumer perception of the brand has remained stable in the last two months. Only in mid-March, the details of Nike’s “patriarchal culture” were At the time of disclosure, the brand image dropped briefly.