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The whole world saw this stadium battle in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. No matter which of the 22 players appear in the broadcast footage, you will see the iconic “flying hook” and “adidas and three slash graphic” signs – Croatian jersey from Nike, Argentina The team and referees running on the court wear Adidas’ clothes.
For many people, perhaps the World Cup is a game of 32 national football teams that compete for the honor of the best team in the world. However,nike air max 95 grey, for the participating brands, there is another battle for the World Cup. The world’s two largest sportswear brands—Adidas and Nike—have a “new contest” at the World Cup. But for these two old rivals, the significance of the World Cup marketing is more than just boosting the reputation. Globally, the competition in the sports brand market is still fierce, and the pressure on Nike and Adidas is not small in stabilizing their position and even ensuring the growth rate of performance. Who will be the winner of this four-year brand marketing battle, and wait until the ultimate answer is announced. However, for these two brands, their competition is far from over in the competition for the position of “one brother”. Since the German brand Hummer’s 2018 World Cup sponsorship suffered Waterloo, the sports brand battle focused on Nike and Adidas. The situation has changed from “three pillars” to Nike and Adi’s “double hegemony.” In this World Cup in Russia, Adidas provided jerseys for 12 teams, including Argentina, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, and became its first major force. In contrast, Nike, consistent with the number of teams sponsored in the last World Cup, is 10, less than Adidas. In addition to jerseys, shoes and stars became the battlefield where Addi and Nike competed for each other. The reporter found that in the German, Brazilian, French and Spanish national team players, Nike sponsored a total of 23 players, Adidas sponsored 22. At the same time, Nike said that 60% of the players in this competition will wear sports shoes provided by the brand.
For the two different marketing methods, CIC Consulting Consulting Executive Director Zhu Yue said in an interview with the “International Financial News” reporter that as an official partner of FIFA, Adidas has conducted key marketing in both official sponsorship and shirt sponsorship. , It tends to center on events and launch products. Nike’s marketing is more inclined to focus on the stars and focus on social media and advertising. An industry insider believes that behind Nike’s and Adidas’s infighting is the ambition of the two for the sports layout. Brand marketing expert Sun Wei, a fast marketing researcher at Tsinghua University, told reporters that Nike is currently overwhelmingly overtaking Adidas in the Russian World Cup. Tang Xiaotang, an analyst at No Agency, a fashion industry research consultancy and investment agency, said in an interview: “For Nike and Adidas, the core strategic goal of the World Cup sponsorship is to focus resources on those teams or players that may become champions. In order to gain greater exposure and long-term development opportunities, this is a great way to bring it to the world, which will not only increase the sales volume of the products, but also have a tremendous effect on the promotion of brand awareness and have strategic significance. “As Adidas CEO Casper Rothde said in an interview with the media,” Russia’s economic potential is far less than that of the Brazil World Cup four years ago, but then again, we are also looking forward to this event. It is an excellent way to promote our brand in the world.” “Adidas and Nike’s World Cup battle, championship team and players will play a decisive factor in the final sponsorship win, although this does not represent all.” Sun Hao truthfully said.