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Maybe even the sneakers didn’t even think that they had such a day that they were favored by major luxury brands and even became the most important product category because it was the most profitable and best to build explosive models. From a pair of Nike black leather Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium sneakers priced at 400 Euros to a pair of Gucci ACE shoes priced at 450 Euros, luxury brands are competing with sports brands for the sneaker market, according to reports, like Gucci’s Gucci Group ,cheap air max react, Balenciaga and Prada, etc. are seeking growth from the sports footwear category, through the introduction of eye-catching and expensive design, directly compete with Nike, Puma and Adidas and other sports brands. A luxury goods group stated that it is increasing its investment and marketing budget to face new rivals. Emilio Macellari, chief financial officer of Italian luxury brand Tod, emphasized that “no luxury brand now does not consider sports shoes.” He pointed out that in addition to the competition among luxury counterparts, the brand is now being more aggressively attacked by sportswear companies. According to Bain Consulting, sales of global sports shoes increased by 10% to 3.5 billion euros last year, an increase of 7% over handbags.
“When I saw sneakers become an epidemic, I worked hard for it,” said Paul Andrew, designer of Salvatore Ferragamo. “We are now investing more in this product category and attracting very professional people. Come in. “This is a big market. According to Ernst & Young’s analysis, sports shoes are the fastest growing field in the fashion industry, and luxury brands and sportswear companies will naturally not be ignored. In general, the price of high-end sports shoes will start from US$ 400. Among them, explosive shoes can easily be appreciated to US$ 3,000. The price of limited editions is even more striking. For example, Chanel x Pharrell x adidas Originals The three-party Hu NMD shoes, which are sold worldwide for only 500 pairs, were priced at 1,000 euros, and were later fired to tens of thousands of dollars on the resale platform.