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Nike, the world’s top three sports brand, has encountered the trick of using cracked software. According to Torrentfreak, California-based software company Quest filed Nike to court. During the audit last year, Quest discovered that Nike used an illegal CD key and cracked the security encryption of related software.
Quest is a company that develops and manages IT management, cheap air max green,database, and other related software. It is well known in the industry. In addition, Quest said that the first thing they did after the discovery of the problem was to contact Nike for a copy of the original fee, but Nike refused. HOP can see, this may be Nike to do a new way to reduce the cost of sports shoes under $ 150. Nike, as the Chinese male basketball sponsor, signed the men’s basketball right. At the same time, all members must wear Nike shoes to play. Da Yao was already signed by Reebok and became a star of Reebok. So Yao Ming had to safeguard his rights and refused to wear Nike. As the core strength of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team of the year, they were the top players in the Chinese basketball team. The authority of Dayao was untouchable at the time. The Basketball Association took into account that the Olympic Games without Yao Ming at home would not be able to play; Nike also considered that without Yao Ming’s men’s basketball team, the lack of exposure would be felt. The Basketball Association and Nike at the same time chose to “compromise” with Yao Ming, Yao Ming by default wearing Reebok shoes to play. Chinese players let American Nike and Chinese Basketball team cooperate to make concessions. So far, only one person! As early as 2003 when the golden generation was not as good as the league, Yao Ming’s 4-year $200,000 contract with Nike also expired at this time. After that, Nike did not choose to meet with Yao Ming, but preferred to become the rookie of the rookie James, and for the latter to open seven years 90 million Nike. After that, it provided Yao Ming with a 1.6 million contract for four years. After receiving this quotation, Yao Ming suddenly felt that he was not respected by Nike. Thus chose to bid farewell to Nike, just at this time, Reebok took advantage and sent Dae-Yao a 7-year contract of 50 million. At this point, Nike regretted endlessly and changed his mouth to 120 million in seven years, but it was too late. Yao Ming no longer consider Nike, home billion contract such as waste paper, insisted on signing with Reebok.