off-white x nike air max 90

In the OFF-WHITE x Nike co-branded series, off-white x nike air max 90,the classic Air Max 90 has a high popularity with its rich materials and multiple deconstructed remodelings. Following last year’s version, this year’s V2 is also attracting attention and even more popular! Designed with a military style of desert color OFF-WHITE x Air Max 90, initially rumored to be released at the end of this year, but is currently on sale in January next year. The tailoring design and materials are almost unchanged, but the body of the shoe is dressed in khaki, which instantly adds to the rough and toughness of the shoe, and even the explanatory text on the upper looks like the combat code. The huge orange Swoosh Logo adds exaggerated eye-catching tones, reminding us that this is really a pair of OFF-WHITE joint names. Compared with the previous avant-garde structure, this military style has a richer matching style, and is more suitable for the winter wear style. Interested friends may wish to try. This desert color OFF-WHITE x Air Max 90 will be available for sale on January 17th for $160. Don’t miss your favorite friends.

nike air max 95 mowabb

nike air max 95 mowabb, is a highly recognizable classic outdoor sneaker with a contrasting color in the color scheme. It is eye-catching and full of personality! In front of the Nike Air Max 95 “Mowabb” reproduces the familiar look of this classic outdoor shoe, while showing the Air Max 95’s vibrant body line, whether it is for the retreat or the foot, there are good feelings. It has been sold overseas, and there is no news for sale in China. We will continue to pay attention.

nike air max 95 mowabb
nike air max 95 mowabb

Nike Air Max 97 Premium

Previously, Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 both launched the theme of the series, Air Max 97 Premium,which was very popular. The current market is slightly higher than the sale, but fortunately, there will be new works in the near future!

Before the continuation of the tongue and string design of the tongue, the air max theme is displayed by the large white font, and the body of the shoe is complemented by a striking yellow color. The shoes are complemented by Mini Swoosh, so don’t have a fresh feeling! In front of this pair of Nike Air Max 97 Premium will be released worldwide in the near future, priced at $ 170, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!

Air Max 97 Premium
Air Max 97 Premium

nike air max 90 grey

This year’s OFF-WHITE x Nike co-branded has more attempts in color, nike air max 90 grey,and the introduction of a variety of new color schemes has brought us a richer visual experience.

In front of this OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90 “Desert Ore” brings the first military style color to this heavyweight co-branded family. With a desert color throughout the body, complemented by a warm orange Swoosh embellishment, the body is made of nubuck and mesh material, and the rich feeling of texture is still good.

According to the current news, these military styles will be available at the end of 2018 or early 2019 at a price of US$160. For more information, please follow our follow-up reports.

Carhartt x Nike Air Max 95

Changing the tooling style of the first two shoes, the Air Max 95 is dressed in a military style. One of the most popular military elements in the trending world, Tiger Camouflage is the main theme to dress up the upper, with dark blue canvas in it, showing the consistent high quality of Carhartt WIP. Cylindrical weaving laces are also iconic tooling elements.Carhartt x Nike Air Max 95, The tongue has a Carhartt Logo that highlights the co-branded identity. The sole is white, making the shoes more fresh and clean, and the interior of the cushion is orange, adding eye-catching detail. The military style is rich and trendy, and it continues the high quality of Carhartt WIP. It is one of the joint names that cannot be ignored. So far, Carhartt WIP x Nike has only one Air Force 1 co-existing. There is no physical exposure yet. It is also possible to look at the military camouflage from the renderings. According to the latest information, the Carhartt WIP x Nike co-branded series will be released on December 6. Release details, we will continue to pay attention and bring the latest reports in the first time